Barbados Day 4: Good News Bad News

I’ll get to the good news – Kyle is HERE! The passport agency said gave him his passport right away and got on his flight out of SF as planned. He got here around 2 yesterday, changed into his trunks and got into the ocean, took a nap on the beach and woke up for fish and chips and rum punch.

This morning was my 2nd scan where they determine which day they do the extraction…this is where the bad news begins.  I have LOTS of stimulated follicles which you’d think is a good thing but once I take the “trigger shot” they will all mature at once which is a big problem with the number I have. Long story short they changed up my meds – they will extract and fertilize them on Sunday – then that’s it. 😞 I will still have a rough recovery it sounds like but nothing compared to what it would be if they’d kept on the same track. They will have to freeze the embryos and then I will have to fly back to Barbados some time in the future to have them transferred.

From what I’ve heard the success rates are generally lower with frozen embryos but they said their chances are still good. Still it feels like the worst possible thing that could happen every step of the way has happened to us and today I feel about 0% hope we’re ever going to have a baby.

We will keep you updated again  as we know more. For now you can pray for me as I’m getting swollen from the hyperstimulation and stomach pain will increase as things enlarge until Sunday. Then for the recovery the following days. At least Kyle’s here now and that definitely helps! We’re going to make the best of our unnecessarily long vacation for now.


4 thoughts on “Barbados Day 4: Good News Bad News

  1. I’m so happy Kyle is with you now. It’s perfectly ok for you to feel confused and overwhelmed right now. You have lots of people praying for you and keeping hope alive. Just hang on to that little mustard seed of faith…a little goes a long way. Love you Sissy-Law.


  2. I’m glad you were both able to make it and be back together again. This has definitely not been a smooth process. I hope the procedure goes well, and you can spend the rest of your time healing, resting and connecting with each other


  3. I’m sorry for the bad news and happy Kyle made it. Praying for you as you undergo the medical stuff this weekend and hoping the time away is good for bodies, minds, and spirits.


  4. Hoping, believing and praying with you and Kyle! I’m so glad you are together and at least if you have to feel icky awhile its in a beautiful place. I hope today goes the best it can and your healing is swift…love you both!!!


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