Barbados day 7: Egg-traction day

Today was the day for egg extraction.  Steph had the final couple of injection Friday night and Saturday morning that would make the eggs mature in preparation for today.  As she mentioned in the last blog, they switched to a different medication than the normal HCG to keep the hyperstimulation from causing things to swell too much.

We took the bus in to the appointment, but after we were on we couldn’t figure out how to let the driver know we wanted to stop since it didn’t have the string to pull.  Thankfully a lady on the bus yelled at the driver when she noticed we wanted to get off.  So we drove by the bus stop, but got dropped off right in front of the clinic.

The doctors said the extraction procedure went fine.  They used an anaesthetic that they said doesnt quite put you to sleep, but you don’t feel any pain.

We are back in our cottage now.  We moved from our hotel yesterday to the Airbnb.  The cottage is a pretty nice place, very quaint.  Unfortunately it does not have an air conditioner, so it may not be the most relaxing for Steph for recovery.

They said they extracted 51 eggs, and the embryologist said that is the most she has ever seen.  Unfortunately, that many probably means the recovery time and pain level will be harder than normal.  We will hear over the next couple of days how they develop.


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