Barbados Day 10:The Sweat Lodge and Our Futbol Team

Well we’ve certainly spent more time indoors than we originally planned! Our little AirBnb is adorable but not ideal for recovery. The past 2 days I’ve spent very little time away from our one circular fan. Kyle is a wonderful nurse but we’re just drenched in sweat. Our host said this is the hottest month he can recall since living here and our nurse, Emma, told me the same thing today…and she moved here from London 11 years ago! So tomorrow we are moving to a new place with air conditioning and I am so excited I am counting down the minutes! If we won’t be outside enjoying Barbados at least we’ll be enjoying the indoors a little more.

Of our 51 eggs 43 fertilized – Another clinic record! (I mean REALLY we should get a certificate or a trophy right?) Normally the embryologist evaluates them daily until Day 5 which is the ideal for transfer and/or freezing. They rank them 1 being the absolute best and brightest of the bunch down to 4 which is still viable bit not the strongest. Emma said our embryologist (Katerina) is a t.o.u.g.h. grader and if she gives a 1, “It’s a bloody perfect 1” haha Emma is my fave!

Today 42 of our 43 are still growing and 10 are 1s. All the others are 2s and 3s so – as Emma put it – we can have 3 football teams! Although she might have meant futbol teams.

Usually they evaluate daily and call us update us with new numbers but Katrina said because we have SO MANY petri dishes she doesn’t want to keep opening and closing the door to the incubator that many times a day for fear of effecting the growth process so we won’t get another number update until Day 5 when they’re done cooking.

Tomorrow is Day 3 post-eggstraction so it’s the day Hyperstimulation pain and suffering should set in. I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight knowing what’s coming. It’s like I’m sitting outside the principal’s office just imagining the horrible punishment that awaits me.

To help prevent hyperstimulation I was given a strict diet of no sugar, no carbs, high salt and high protein, no more than 1 1/2 liters water daily…oh and no alcohol for 24 hours after my procedure haha. So basically I’m on the Atkins Diet which is NOT for me! Blech. But I’m so swollen I don’t have much room or appetite for food anyway.

From here the nurse will call daily to check on my symptoms and decide if and when I’ll need to return to the clinic for another surgery to drain the fluid. They do that in the case the ovaries become so refilled with fluid it leaks elsewhere and causes severe bloating to where it pushes your other organs to limit lung capacity and other scary sounding stuff.

So now our biggest hope is to get through the hyperstimulation symptoms with no drainage needed and before getting on the plane on Monday. However symptoms typically last 2 or more weeks. A bonus would be that the medications they changed will be so successful that I won’t have any worse symptoms at all and we’ll get to do some of the fun vacation-stuff we had planned.

Thanks everyone for checking in on us and all your prayers and support!


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