Barbados Day 11: Moving Day!

Oh glorious air conditioning! Our host kindly drove us (maybe not very directly) to our new apartments. We checked in and cranked the AC. I fell asleep within about 10 minutes I think and woke up feeling better than I have in a week! Thank God!

No hyperstimulation symptoms today either. I felt so good even went swimming in the ocean and grocery shopping where our inner 7th graders found this little gem and couldn’t resist stocking up…get it? “Stocking up” because all of you are getting one in your Christmas stocking! At first I was concerned about the natural flavoring.


Ok back to being a grown-up: Emma called at 7am for my noon-check because she was so worried about my “giant ovaries” She seemed surprised at how I’m feeling (way less than Kyle and I are I assure you!) and is calling me twice a day instead of once a day. No matter what they’re having me go in on Friday for a scan and if things still look good then I’ll get to go off my diet restrictions and I’m going to celebrate with a gallon of water!


One thought on “Barbados Day 11: Moving Day!

  1. Yay for no symptoms today. We hope that it continues to be that way and you are able to enjoy this vacation. We are praying for each one of those little egg babies, and for you spirits to stay high! Thank you for the cock flavor soup mix…nom nom 🙂


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