Barbados Day 13: Vacation Day 1!

Today we had our last appointment and all is well! While there is still some swelling I am officially CLEARED of hyperstimulation!

We didn’t get our embryo numbers update – they’ll freeze them all tomorrow and email us an official final-final total. They ‘looked’ today and, as expected, many of the 42 did not continue growing to the blastocyst stage and many did. She said, “Don’t worry you’ll still have plenty more than you’ll need!”

We set our next appointment to come back for the frozen embryo transfer pretty much as soon as we can which will be November 11th.

I think Kyle and I were both a bit surprised to find out the frozen transfer requires *MUCH* more medications and injections than this round. But they set us up with everything we need and in about 10 days we begin meds and daily injections until I return.

The best part of today was that it truly felt like our first day of vacation!!! With no dietary restrictions we went out for Indian food and I had every carb I could fit into my Roti: curried lentils, spiced chana and sweet potatoes with plantains. And drank soooo much glorious water!

We went shopping in Bridgetown and explored the capital city. Kyle said the bus station transported him back to Transkei.

We toured the Mount Gay rum distillery which was really interesting learning about the island’s history and rum making. They used to drink it as soon as it was distilled until traders discovered by coincidence that aging it (due to the several month ship-journeys to deliver to Europe) made it taste much better. I’m not a huge rum fan so I can’t imagine what it tasted like before!


Bajans are serious about their rum! Our tour included a rum punch (plenty for me!) followed by 6 “tasters” (in quotes because each taster was more than a wine tasting serving!). Our tour guide said she’d heard in other countries you buy shots of rum at the bar. Here they only sell it by the bottle.

We’re off to Oistins Fish Fry tonight which is apparently what everybody – locals and tourists alike – do on Fridays. We’re looking forward to getting 2 weeks of vacation into the next 2 days then heading back to real life.


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