We’re Baaa-aaack.

Sorry for the lack of updates – We were making the most of our last days in Barbados!

Saturday we spent most of the day on the water. We did a catamaran tour where we snorkeled in Carlisle Bay  which has all kinds of tropical fish and two shipwrecks. Kyle and I both touched sea turtles (!!) during the swim there were five or six of them that were just swarming around our group. It was so incredible! We also saw the green monkeys at Oistins on Friday so my Bajan animal bucket list was happily satisfied.

We became real naturals with the bus system and spent Sunday morning driving through the tropical regions of the island and ended up at Bathsheba which was really breathtaking. The buses don’t run much on Sundays so we accidentally had 2 hours to explore the beach and found a little rum shop to pass the time.


Then we headed north to the Animal Flower Cave. Since we just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary (traditional gift is “fruit and flowers”) Kyle got us a tour of the cave. The Animal Flower is a sea anemone. The ones in the cave look like tulips. Our tour guide said the tide comes up so high each day it fills the cave and brings the anemones with it and washes others back out to sea. Each day there are different anemones there so they never know how many or how big they’ll be.


Our flight back to the States got delayed so we missed our transfer at JFK and they next flight out was 11 hours later — We’ve decided we’re bad travel luck for each other! But we eventually got to a hotel where we spent a refreshing 3 1/2 hours sleeping then hopped off the plane at SFO and onto the BART. My Mom picked us up from the station on her lunch break and drove us to our car in Vacaville…we had a quick bathroom break and drove straight home. I think this morning was the greatest shower of my life and it feels great to be back.

frozenNow for the baby stuff! We had 24 blastocysts frozen. (holy cow!) I start 3 medications tonight and will start injections again in about 2 weeks then back to Barbados in just over 7 weeks. This definitely wasn’t our plan but we are both feeling better about it now that we’ve had some time to come down from the original disappointment and are feeling hopeful.

Fun with numbers: We (ok “we” may be an exaggerated term) sat down and did the math and figured out if we did 2-embryos per transfer we could pay for the transfer procedures, flights, medications and accommodations for all 24 of our baby-cicles and it would cost about the same as ONE round of IVF here in the States.


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