2 Weeks to Go!

Hey friends – Many people have been asking for an update so thought I’d throw one out. Exactly 2 weeks from today is our transfer! It can’t come soon enough!!

I’ve been on various pills and injections for the past 4 weeks. It’s been a different experience this time around…feeling many more physical side effects including lack of sleep and feeling really exhausted before/during/after the work day, lots of vomiting, and generally feeling down emotionally. My latest meds that I started last week have the absolute strangest potential side effects including, but not limited to: Acute awareness of your heartbeat, bleeding or inverted nipples, rash on the eyelids, and brown patches of skin on the face. (I’m happy to report the only of these I’m experiencing is the heartbeat deal).

So I guess the meds are going as planned, my testing here with my doctor is coming back 100% as expected so things are looking good! One little hiccup has hicced up though; last weekend I did some unexpected shoe shopping and brought this cutie home:


Yes I nearly made it down an entire flight of stairs successfully! But that last step was a doozy and I broke my ankle and tore a ligament. The next day I got the honor of being my ultrasound tech’s first ever patient to have a scan in a boot (the ONLY way to make the stirrups experience less comfortable)

I had a follow up yesterday with the Orthopedist who says at least 4 more weeks in the boot. So I could use all the have-mercy-give-this-girl-an-exit-row-aisle-seat prayers you have laying around. It’s pretty uncomfortable so I’m not looking forward to 24 hours in the air over one weekend with this puppy! Not to mention walking around in a million percent humidity, being the 14th passenger in a 9 passenger van, or going all the way to Barbados and not walking on the beach.

They Dr. was nice enough to schedule me a follow up x-ray they day I fly out to see if I can leave the boot at home but she told me not to get my hopes up. But I can’t help it. They’re up! I’m being a good little patient and following all the rules hoping to make this transfer appointment the least complicated it can be!

I will arrive back in Barbados the afternoon of Nov. 10th, transfer on the 11th, then fly home the morning of the 12th. Definitely a less than desirable travel time to vacation ratio but I guess I’d better get used to making sacrifices for my kids, right? 😉

Thanks again everyone for your support and always asking how things are going makes us feel so special and thankful that our future little Wilson is already so loved!


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