Back in Barbados

Hey everyone! I’m happy to report I had smooth travels (WITHOUT my boot!!!) back to Barbados. I had about half a day here yesterday and spent the afternoon driving around the island and relaxing in my hotel.

This morning I went back to the clinic for the transfer. Dr. Corona explained to me they give each embryo to scores: a letter (A-D) which is quality and a number (1-3) which is the actual size. So they thawed out top 2 … Being the largest and highest quality. Katerina the embryologist even took “baby’s first picture” for me before preparing the catheter. 🙂



The procedure itself is surprisingly simple. They insert the embryos into a catheter, insert them into the uterus, and then the embryologist checks the catheter to make sure they went out into the world. I didn’t feel a thing and, in total, it probably took 90 seconds or less. I layed there for about 5 minutes and headed out. That quick and easy!

I spent a couple hours walking around St. Lawrence Gap where I’m staying (kind of a fancy part of the island) and did some window shopping and chatted with some locals. There’s a sport called Road Tennis that’s popular here – it’s basically tennis sized ping pong. There’s a huge court where “the pros” play within walking distance and it was fun to meet some people watching them practice and get away from the touristy stuff for a little.

The only instructions I had for today were to not take a shower or get in water. Since I leave at 7am tomorrow I’ll be leaving without swimming in the ocean at all which feels a little wrong!

I’ll continue my injections and all medications until Thanksgiving day which will be pregnancy test day! This marks the first time in my life I have been dying for test day to arrive. The countdown is on!



3 thoughts on “Back in Barbados

  1. I’m glad that this story was so uneventful compared to the September version. It seems like the whole process is a lot more simple too. Very cool to see the embryo picture. Not very many people get that opportunity.


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