3rd Trip’s the Charm?



What a busy few days! I left work on Wednesday and started my looong trip back to Barbados for another try at our transfer.

My travel seemed to go as my travel goes…As they were checking me in at the Eugene airport their entire computer system shut down so I got a handwritten boarding pass and bag tag which was a first for me and everyone that works there. I threw up on 2 of my 4 flights due to my medications. The worst was when I had the window seat and an elderly couple I had to rush out of their seats 4 times and filled all the bags in our row (and one from the row in front of me) waiting for them to shuffle out so I could run for the bathroom. Of course I felt extra terrible and tried to get them to switch Seats with me. Fran (we got well acquainted) insisted the window helps and looked through all her ‘old lady pills’ in her purse for something to help me. ūüėā After flying from home to Seattle to Charlotte to Miami (which closed due to fog upon our arrival…Circled the airport for 90 minutes) I was more than happy with my decision to have a long layover in Miami to get some air and stretch my legs!
I spent several hours on Thursday in Miami and decided to do a walking food tour of Little Havana. My Uber driver escaped from Cuba 10 years ago and has worked 3 jobs to get his wife, son and daughter here. He proudly showed me photos of his family and his daughter’s¬†quinceanera in November. He told me he didn’t see her from age 7 to 13 years because he was working here but all he wanted was for her live her life where she would be allowed to think and say anything she wants and be given a chance for an education and a free life. The first stop on my food tour was hosted by an artist’s studio who was imprisoned for years after being caught escaping Cuba. The moment he was released he tried again. I don’t know if I’ve felt more patriotic than I did at the end of this tour. Meeting so many people who’ve suffered and sacrificed for a chance at a life in the US was an unexpected and really special time.

Then the food!! There were about 15 people on the tour – Even a family from Eugene who I shamelessly tried to sell braces to – we all made fast friends and the food and the culture was amazing. I got to try to strongest coffee on the planet Cubans drink called Colada. A full serving is the size of those single-serve creamers and my heart was racing afterward! I tried fried plantains, empanadas, coffee, pressed sugar cane water, guava pastries, and authentic cubano sandwich, ice cream and fresh Mojitos at The Ball and Chain with live music on the stage where great artists like Billie Holiday, Chet Baker and Duke Ellington once played. We watched hand rolled cigars be made and a game at the famous Domino Park. These guys wouldn’t let me play. They said “You are not old enough!” And it’s true. They have a sign posted: Players 55 and older only.


I arrived here about midnight last night. My handwritten luggage tag even got my bag here! I went on a wild taxi ride and got to my hotel only to find out they’d overbooked and put me in a place about 15 minutes in the wrong direction. The place I ended up has a beautiful private pool with a terrace over a cliff where I had a breakfast of leftover plane snacks while I watched the waves crash. I headed to the clinic at 8 for my scan which was declared perfect and was told they’d thaw the embryos and to come back at 2. I took a photo on my way out so you could all see what a doctor’s office looks like in the Caribbean.

I spend the day in the ocean, had a great lunch and an even better nap in my lounge chair under the umbrella.
I headed back and spent about half an hour in the waiting room so naturally I struck up a conversation with whoever was around. I met Martean from Canada who had her 1st IVF here today…After 4 unsuccessful attempts at home. Another woman, like me, had an unsuccessful IVF in November and is back for the 2nd try today. It’s sad to hear other people’s disappointments and see their desperation to have a family. We all exchanged emails and wished each other the best but I couldn’t help thinking, statistically, only one of is going to get good news in two weeks. Hearing their stories didn’t really make me feel and more of less hopeful for me and Kyle but it’s hard to see people suffer with something that seems it should be a simple part of life.
So – the whole point of this blog – I went in for my transfer and it went great. They zoomed in on the ultrasound and I got to watch the embryos go right in. It looked like two little white marbles rolling down a ramp and plopped right in. Hopefully my little marbles and attaching and duplicating right now! You can see the tiny white line circled on this ultrasound. That’s them side by side.
I took a bus to a beach spot and walked in the sand then back to my hotel relaxing, watching the sunset and downloading Netflix shows for my voyage home in the morning.¬†I’ll spend another day in Miami tomorrow. I plan to explore the Wynwood Walls. I should get home late Saturday night. So it’s been another quick trip but has been rich in connecting with strangers, relaxing and hoping for the future.
12 days til test day! I’ll be back then with hopefully a happy report of a productive weekend! (Or reproductive weekend as my coworker said it)
If you’ve actually read all this I’m impressed and you should get an award or something. Thanks everyone for your support, your well wishes, ¬†checking in with me and Kyle and your prayers!

4 thoughts on “3rd Trip’s the Charm?

  1. Hey, I’ve been thinking about you this weekend. Few babies will have had such adventures as part of their creation story. Love you both


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