If you speak fertility-treatment-message-board like I (embarrassed to admit) do, that title stands for 5 days past 5-day frozen embryo transfer = big fat positive! Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get it. I asked Kyle what he thought it stood for and he answered, “5 double phytoplankton 5 double fat ectoplankton Transformers = Berry Flevenson and Pakes” So you probably were closer than him?

Today is of course 12 days past our transfer and the official testing day. I had read on the aforementioned message boards that some women got a positive as early as day 5…since that was Kyle’s 35th birthday I decided to be a cheater and take a test knowing it wouldn’t be positive but how cool would it be if it was? Well a tiny little pink line showed up so we’ve been secretly celebrating for the past week – And yes – lying to all of you who asked me if I knew yet.


Does getting a positive home test a week early indicate multiples?? We shall see! It can be an indication of that but, of course, no way to know until a doctor can detect such things.

I was too ashamed to admit to our doctor in Barbados what a crazy pregnancy test lady I turned out to be so we are telling them today just like all of you. From here I will start to see a doctor in Eugene. In addition, Dr. Corona in Barbados will continue treatment (and prescriptions!) from afar through the 1st trimester.

Of course we are ELATED and if I never step foot on Barbados sand again that’s just peachy keen. (Weeeeellll maybe a visit in the distant future.  It is pretty great.)

I am down to 3 injections a day now and those will continue through (at least) the first trimester along with this giant handful of pills.  IVF pregnancies have a 15%-25% miscarriage rate depending whose statistics you believe, so the idea all all these meds is to make me STAY pregnant.


We will keep updating the blog throughout the pregnancy. Man it feels good to type that! It’s been so great sharing with our close friends and family and we think it will be a fun way to continue our journey with you all.


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