Time Flies When You’re Fertile

They say childhood flies by – But they’re probably not referring to my promise to keep updating our little blog through my pregnancy and I then I just slept through most of it haha. But, Holy Cow, a YEAR ago we announced our pregnancy here??  It seemed like a good anniversary to post an annual review.

I really had such a wonderful pregnancy. I know so many women can’t wait for it to be over but I loved the feeling of a special connection within myself all day, I loved the stretchy pants! Heck I did even mind taking my blood sugar and the insulin injections when I had Gestational Diabetes…I mean only ONE shot a day? Child’s play!

Belly Roll


We had a Fetus Fiesta in September complete with burrito bar, tequila tasting, and hilarious games (“Is she in labor or a horror movie?”). We couldn’t believe how many people who showed up to our back yard to celebrate our little one. Two of my favorite things were the 50/50 raffle for guessing the Gender-Predictor old wives tales (the old wives were as wrong as me) and our “guest book” which was the onsie we brought Calvin home from the hospital in: covered in love and best wishes from our friends and family! ❤

Group Shot

We were shocked how many family, friends and medical professionals were stressed out that we kept the sex a surprise. But we didn’t get any of those other surprise moments in our pregnancy journey so we had to have at least one. And what a surprise HE turned out to be! I was 100% sure he was a girl inside me and when Dr. O’Rourke said he was a boy I said, “Are you sure? Are you messing with me?”

Calvin Newborn

He is such a HAPPY baby and has brought so much joy to our family. It seems like every day he’s doing something new and adorable-er than the day before. I know we’ll have hard  days like all parents, but I have to say the silver lining that infertility has given us is that there is joy in the long nights and the spit up and the crying for no reason. That crying is music to my ears and when I’m exhausted I take a moment to thank God for giving us this miracle to wear us out.


Now that he’s here – and a quarter of a year old as yesterday – it’s hard to imagine there was a time I wanted to give up on fertility treatment. I don’t think that we would have ever gone back for a second round if we had done our IVF in the States. I just can’t imagine my life now without him in it!


I kind of can’t even believe just a year ago when I thought we wouldn’t go back for more once we had one kid… What was I thinking? These things are awesome! Being a mom is so fun and watching Kyle become a father has made me love even more as being a dad has shown me sides to him I’d never seen before. I like it’s so much I just might blog about it more than once a year! 😉

Shower Couple


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