I almost forgot to tell you!

We’ve had a busy little week. Kyle got invited to speak at a conference in Santa Fe and left this morning + I officially accepted (and the board approved this morning) a fuller-time position on staff at church. So between packing, airport transport, writing a 2-week notice (that I haven’t submitted yet) to end my orthodontic career…plus ordering more prescriptions and scheduling ultrasounds…I almost forgot to tell you all in the blog world that I’m officially pregnant! 

I didn’t think you’d all want to see another picture of something I peed on so instead of a positive test I thought I’d add a picture of Calvin playing with Mamma’s “medicine”.  This is what happens when you leave for 45 seconds to change a load of laundry with a 16-month old during fertility treatment! *head slap emoji* At least all the lids are still on!



Liming with my Husband

How it possible I was in this place only a WEEK ago?! I’m trying to remember the details – the sunlight, the sand, the temperature…what was it like??


Another whirlwind trip to Barbados has come and gone but this time I brought a pretty great carry on that was notably absent from my last 2 trips: Kyle! Keith and Cindy took an entire week off to drive through a blizzard and stay with Calvin so we got the treat of a kid-free-vacation which means we could do whatever we wanted for 5 whole days!

After an overnight layover in Trinidad we landed in Barbados at 9am and got to work having FUN! We got a free upgrade to luxury model on our rental car (it pays to be chatty/nice in Barbados!) we headed straight to the ocean. We drove to Crane Beach and explored the island a little then ended the day with a (practically private) catamaran tour on the Silver Moon = Super Nice Boat! (https://silvermoonbarbados.com/catamaran-fleet/) with only 12 people on our boat we had an amazing 5 hours snorkeling a ship wreck, swimming with sea turtles, eating – so much eating – and drinking and bathing in the sun.



Friday morning I had a quick appointment with Anna for a lining check *perfect and ready for transfer* then spent the morning eating, drinking, exploring with Kyle. In the afternoon we went back for the whole reason (well … the MAIN reason) we come to Barbados. A baby! It was really special for me to have Kyle in the room during my 30-second appointment and to get to see our little blastocysts flash on the ultrasound screen together. I changed out of my hospital gown, laid on the bed for 10 minutes, then back to vacation. It’s just that quick, crazy, and exciting. Here are the first baby pics:


We had a great breakfast on the beach near Oistin’s on Saturday morning and took a photo together on the beach I took a photo on last time I was there when I was VERY newly pregnant with Calvin. 🙂 We spent the day “liming” as the Bajans call it (to lime is the hang out: Sitting under the lime tree / nothing more demanding to do than squeeze some limes)  relaxing and beaching – more eating and drinking of course – and just hanging out which is really such a treat! Nobody asked me for, “Snack, Mamma, Snack?” LOL!

Before we headed to the airport we walked down the wooden boardwalk that runs along a long stretch of beach and came across this art instillation featuring local businesses. I recognized the logo of the family holding hands before I realized what the words said and just said a thankful prayer for finding this place that’s given us such a beautiful family  it an artistic way.  Our treatment and journey hasn’t been exactly pieced together like many families but I think it’s so beautiful to see these pieces, people, sacrifices and colors collected into a work of art that is our BFC family!



We set back to Trinidad Saturday that night then spent the next day in Houston, TX on a 12 hour layover. By that time I think we were both ready to just get home and see our little dude but we filled the day quickly with eating and drinking (sensing a pattern?). We were introduced to kolaches which apparently everyone in Houston knows about and has been holding out on the rest of the country – yumm! I plan to attempt, and fail miserably, at recreating them soon. We spent several hours at the NASA Space Center where I lost my ID and napped through what I’m sure was an informative presentation on the upcoming Mars expedition.  It was kind of breathtaking to see a real shuttle and imagine life on the space station.


The weather in Portland was a bit different than island life. We were not dressed for 20 degree snow and sleet and it took us over 3 hours to get home. I tried desperately to wake Calvin up but he wasn’t interested. Our week since has been pretty normal aside from the instructions I have not to lift anything over 15 pounds (which has made for some creative parenting, diaper changes, chores, etc) and now we wait just a THREE more days until our official test date on the 20th! We’ll keep you posted.


Here’s a pic of Calvin and his Valentine’s Day pancake because he’s just so dang cute we need another one!